Sea Salt Rejuvenating Body Scrub

(Approx. 40 mins.)

A luxurious aromatic body scrub with essential oils designed to refine skin texture, eliminate dead flaky skin and restore balance. The scrubbing action of dead sea salt and essential oils together with the nourishing action of the cocoa butter makes this body scrub especially suitable for healing dry, dehydrated skin types.


Purifying Back Treatment

(Approx. 45 mins.)

Dedicated to the purification of the back, this treatment includes a deep cleansing with steam with extractions, a high frequency ultrasonic treatment and a customized mask to match your skin type and condition. This treatment is ideal for all skin types, but especially for those who suffer from blemishes and are prone to breakouts on the back.


Signature Scalp Massage

(Approx. 30 mins.)

A gentle hair and scalp massage with our own signature blend of essential oils. These essential oils are applied over the scalp restoring balance while relieving the body and mind of stress and tension.



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